Arduino Robotics and Rock Climbing: Ages 11-13

This session is always a hit and now it comes with a FREE ROBOT.

This educational robot can be compared to a LEGO™ EV3, which is valued at $350.  With our current sale, the robot is now FREE for your child to keep after camp is finished.

Robots are very engaging for campers.  They can hold a child's attention much longer than a typical toy.  And now that your kid gets to keep the Arduino robot after camp is finished, the fun and learning can continue long after this summer.

We teach hardcore programming and electronics with fun wheeled robot vehicles. Campers learn to make their robots drive in patterns, detect objects by bumping into them and by "seeing" with infrared eyes.

The Arduino system has taken the maker community by storm. Artists, designers, students, and anyone who wants to make something in their world a little smarter and cooler can do it with an Arduino. With this system, you can have your houseplants send a Tweet when they need water, make a laser harp, or even build a fire-breathing dragon robot. But first, you need to learn how to program one. That is one of the main objectives for this camp.

 In addition to the robotics activities, campers are trained in rock climbing safety and knot tying, before taking two afternoon field trips to Planet Rock on Tuesday and Thursday. On these days, camp is extended until 5:00pm. As with all Rocks and Robots programs, we go outside several times a day for inclusive group games and confidence building activities.

Full day sessions: 9:00 to 3:30 (M,W,F), 9:00 to 5:00 (T,Th):

This camp is offered July 31 - Aug 4 

Location: TBD

Arduino Robotics and Rock Climbing: Suggested Ages 11-13 - Includes FREE ROBOT

Arduino Robotics and Rock Climbing: Suggested Ages 11-13 - Includes FREE ROBOT

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