Pi day flash sale

1) Let: P = I like Pie             Premise
2) Let: M = I like Math         Premise
3) Pi day = P + M                Logical And
QED: I like Pi Day               Modus Tollens

The discount code is PiDay.  On March 14th (3.14 see the Pi thing) and receive $50 off of any week of full-day camp (new purchases only).

The flash sale part I'm not so sure about. All the web marketing gurus say that it is the way to go. I'm fine with taking expert advice but you folks are the experts that I care about. 


Some questions:

A) Is it annoying that you have to come back on another day?
B) Do you want me to send you a reminder email the day of the sale?
C) Does this flash sale work for you as a call to action?
D) Would a sale price with an expiration date do the same thing?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts that you want to share below.

George Albercook (Owner Rocks and Robots)